Why Incentive Marketing?

Everyone loves getting “a little something extra” and your customers are certainly no different. But what makes incentive marketing so effective is it’s not just the customer that benefits!

A Win Win Situation

Incentive Marketing is most effective when used to do two things; fostering stronger relationships with existing customers, and to ‘move to the next step’ with a new customer. By offering something in exchange for a customer’s time and/or business, you are able to create a lasting impression. And in our marketing strategy it’s impressions like these that are the foundation we can build on to grow your business!

Will You Marry Me?

First Impressions are everything!

You wouldn’t walk into a bar, see someone you find attractive and say, “will you marry me?” Instead, what you do is say “hey, can I buy you a drink?” When you buy someone that drink they are agreeing to give you their time, in exchange for that drink. Being too forward can be off putting and not aknowledging the value of their time that you are asking them to give you can make it even less likely for them to give you anything more than a No.

If you expect a new customer to want to do business with you without something in return, you are likely going to have a hard time driving new customers to your business.

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What Does This Have to do With Marketing?
Don't Be Too Pushy

As a business, when you put an ad in front of someone that has never heard of you before and you just say “buy my stuff” you are asking them to allocate their time and money to your business. Right after meeting. This will have a similar effect as asking someone you just met to marry you and can be very unappealing to potential customers. Instead offer them something in exchange for their time, an incentive to get to know you. This is called the “free beer strategy“. 

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How Much is a Customer's Time Worth?
The Free Beer Strategy

Offering an incentive in exchange for a customer’s time is a strategy we call the free beer strategy, and can be extremely effective. Don’t forget that customers are people too, and only have so much time on their hands. So in order for you to expect to get any of that time you must offer something in return. This is called the ‘free beer’ strategy because it is common to offer a free beer to get people to come in, but what the incentive is can vary, as long as it’s worth their time they will say ‘YES‘!

Common Marketing Mistakes

These are marketing mistakes that we see all too often. If you don’t have these three values at the center of your marketing strategy, You will find driving new customers to your business incredibly difficult.

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1. First Impressions are Everything! Never Propose on the First Date

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2. Take Your Customer Relationships ‘One Yes at a Time’

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3. Show your customer’s you value their time

Our Unique Staircase Marketing Method

Our goal is to bring in new customers willing to get to know your business using the staircase method. you take it from there! By getting customers to say ‘yes‘ to you they are pushed up the staircase. This staircase is a visual of the relationships built between customers and a business, and the goal is to move people to the top where they become lifelong customers

Let's Build Your Staircase

Our 'Staircase Marketing Strategy' takes the three most common marketing mistakes, and uses them as the guideline to creating an effective way to drive new and existing customers to your business. Learn more about what your staircase would look like, how to avoid 'scaring customers away', and what your current marketing strategy is missing. Just click below to schedule a time that works for you!