Read Mobile Marketing

Helping Businesses reach people where they are… On Their Phones!

Finding a Partner is Hard

Finding a partner that you know is working FOR YOU isn’t easy. But it is essential for the growth of your business.


At Read Mobile Marketing, we have one focus in mind,

we help small businesses beat big brands. The reason is simple. Big brands want to put you OUT OF BUSINESS.


We execute STRATEGY. We say the things no one else is saying. We do the things no one else will do. We aren’t about us, our goal is to help you!


We Know Your Business is Unique

We Have Solutions Unique to your Business

We Know Your Business is Unique

We Have Solutions Unique to your Business

Read Mobile Marketing
Done For You

Helping businesses meet people where they are…on their phones! Strategy based text message marketing and social media marketing.  Done for you! Let us take care of getting the word out about your business, you deal with extra customers! 

Brick & Mobile

Done With You

A perfect marriage of education and technology!  We take everything we have learned in over 10 years of experience, teach it to you and give you the tools to do it on your own.  You get to make our proven strategies work for your business. 

Mom Owned Businesses

Join the MOB

As a single mom I know the unique struggles of being a mom and owning a business. If you want to live your best life and build the business of your dreams this is the place for you! Everyone benefits in a world with a bigger ‘MOB’!

What Makes a Unique Marketing Strategy?

At Read Mobile Marketing we never use the same marketing strategy twice. However, an outline for what makes an effective marketing strategy get the results you want! Build stronger relationships with your customers and make the decision to come back easy!

Incentive Marketing

You wouldn’t walk into a bar, see someone you find attractive and say, “will you marry me?” Instead, what you do is say “hey, can I buy you a drink?” When you buy someone that drink they are agreeing to give you their time, in exchange for that drink. Your Customers are no different and are expecting something more than the services you offer!

Mobile Marketing

Americans are spending less time with all major media, with ONE exception: SMARTPHONES! From cameras to communication our smartphones have TRANSFORMED our lives. If you don’t have a plan to reach your customers on their phones they won’t find you, and your business will get LEFT BEHIND.

About Us

I was first exposed to the idea of text message marketing in 2008. At that time the idea that I would have a career in marketing, let alone a business, seemed ridiculous.

You see, even though I had a diverse business background, I didn’t have any direct experience in marketing, and in fact, any interaction I had with marketing professionally had been negative. I thought marketers were just out to rip people off.

However, at that time I was also the single mom of 5 very young kids. I guess you could say I was an early adopter to text messaging. I realized that almost every time I had said I “talked” to someone it was via text message.

Let’s face it, at that point in my life NO ONE wanted to have an actual phone conversation with me. The background noise and distractions alone made talking on the phone almost impossible.

A New Way To Communicate

With texting I could easily maintain a conversation and respond when it was convenient. I knew how much I loved texting and naturally I thought it would be a genius way for business owners to communicate with their customers. Why wouldn’t somebody prefer the fastest and most effecient way to communicate? Hence, Read Mobile Marketing was born.