Why Mobile

The biggest driving force behind what makes mobile marketing so powerful is that your customers spend time on their phone, and it’s their primary source of communication.

Americans are spending less time with all major media, with ONE exception: SMARTPHONES!

It's What your Customers Prefer

By communicating with customers the same way they would communicate with their friends and family, you will see an increase in the number of people you can reach, and gaining their attention becomes that much easier.

Mobile Marketing
  • 98% of text messages are opened
  • 75% of people want to recieve text messages from brands
  • Text Messages have a 209% higher response rate then phone or email
  • 90% of text messages are read within 5 minutes of being sent
  • Consumers redeem SMS delivered coupons 10X more than any other type of coupon.
Social Media Marketing
  • A typical American Facebook user clicks on 8 ads per month
  • 76% of social media users access social media DAILY 
  • Social media allows you to target consumers based on their interests 
  • Digital consumers spend on avg. 2.5 hours on social networks EVERY DAY
  • 80% of ALL Americans are on at least one form of social media

Popular Features

Some of our most popular features of our Text Message Marketing Platform. Take these tools and with the right education, You can grow Your Business

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SMS Marketing
Text Messaging Made Simple

Communicate with your customers the way they prefer, and reach them in the places they are actively listening

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Loyalty Programs
Reward your customers and keep them coming back!

Show your customers your appreciation and give them more reasons to choose your business over your competitors!

Text to Win
Run contests to increase opt ins.

Your customers love winning, and who doesn’t?! Let your customers feel like choosing your business is rewarding, and give them another reason to come back. It’s a win win!

Custom one-time coupons that are redeemable and trackable.

Coupons have been a great way to drive business for a long time. The only difference is now people redeem them on their phones!

Appointment Reminders
Reduce no shows!

People are forgetful… So remind them when they’re appointment is. They already want your business, don’t let the date become a barrier!

This Is Just the Beginning

There's so much more that SMS Marketing has to offer your business, and we'd love to tell you all about it. Strengthen customer relationships, start reaching new customers, and let us help you create a marketing plan catered to your business! These are opportunities modern businesses simply cannot afford to pass up.