Brewery Marketing

Learn How to Make Money Giving Away Beer, Guaranteed! It’s a simple but effective Marketing Strategy Because Who Doesn’t Love Free Beer!?


Why Give Away Free Beer?

Offering an incentive in exchange for a customer’s time is a strategy we call the free beer strategy, and can be extremely effective. By offering your customer an incentive you can encourage them to come back, or give new customers an ‘easy to say yes’ reason to come.

I Know Something About You

Maybe your first brew was sold out of the back of your pickup truck. Maybe it was a home brew. Maybe it was a different start entirely, but what I know about you is…you love beer. And you love people who love beer. Your passion is beer. You want to bring great beer to people, and you are doing just that. Well we also have a passion, and that’s telling people about your beer, and exactly what they’ve been missing out on!


We break down and teach you the strategies that combine the power of mobile and social media marketing. Giving you the tools and knowledge to implement them for your business!

Let Us Show You How Compatible Our Passions Are

Start a brewery they said... It'll be fun they said.

Do you ever miss the days in the back of your truck? Miss the days when it was FUN?

Wouldn’t it be easier if more people knew about you? Do you wish was easier to get people in the door to try your beer? If marketing wasn’t so much work?

Our brewery marketing program is all about reaching people where they are…on their phones.

We combine the power of social media and text message marketing to help you reach new customers AND strengthen your relationship with your existing customers.

All to help you beat the competition and get people drinking your beer.

3 Steps to Grow Your Brewery

Use Marketing strategies and tools that have been proven time and time for over a decade to help small businesses compete with big brands and use them to cater a marketing strategy that not only fits your vision, but get the results you want.

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1. Bring People in

Use incentive marketing to bring new people through your doors.

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2. Communicate

Build an SMS list so you can communicate with your customers.

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3. Loyalty

Get your customers coming back more frequently!

The Tools to Get the Job Done

We combine the power of social media and text message marketing to grow your brewery. Plus we do ALL the work for you! To give you more time to do what’s important. Selling great people great beer!

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SMS Marketing
Text Messaging Made Simple

Communicate with your customers the way they prefer, and reach them in the places they are actively listening

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Loyalty Programs
Reward your customers and keep them coming back!

Show your customers your appreciation and give them more reasons to choose your business over your competitors!

Text to Win
Run contests to increase opt ins.

Your customers love winning, and who doesn’t?! Let your customers feel like choosing your business is rewarding, and give them another reason to come back. It’s a win win!

Custom one-time coupons that are redeemable and trackable.

Coupons have been a great way to drive business for a long time. The only difference is now people redeem them on their phones!

Free Beer Strategy
An offer they can't refuse!

Watch your doors get filled with new faces that are excited about trying your beer. They came because it’s free, but they come back because they tried YOUR BEER!

This Is Just the Beginning

There's so much more that SMS Marketing has to offer your business, and we'd love to tell you all about it. Strengthen customer relationships, start reaching new customers, and let us help you create a marketing plan catered to your business! These are opportunities modern businesses simply cannot afford to pass up.