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I was first exposed to the idea of text message marketing in 2008.  At that time the idea that I would have a career in marketing let alone a business in marketing seemed ridiculous. You see even though I had a diverse business background I didn’t have any experience in marketing and any interaction with marketing I had professionally up to that point had not been pleasant.  However, at that time I was also a single mom of 5 very young children and because of that you could say I was a fairly early adopter to text messaging.  I realized that almost every time I said I had “talked” to someone it was via text message.  At that point in my life the last thing anyone would have wanted to do would be talk to me on the phone.  The noise and distractions alone made talking on the phone prohibitive but with texting I could easily maintain a conversation when it was convenient.  I knew how much I loved texting and naturally I thought that it would be a genius way for business owners to communicate with their customers, hence Read Mobile Marketing was born!  What I didn’t anticipate was that not all business owners would see things the way I did.  In fact in 2008 very few did.  I can literally remember explaining to business owners what a text message was.  I thought maybe I had made a mistake in thinking that I could make this business work.  The thing that kept me going was what I saw happening around me.  In 2008 we were in the height of a recession and the impact the recession was having on small business was evident.  I saw businesses all around me closing and I hoped if I could show business owners a more effective and more affordable way to advertise that it could help.  I didn’t think that I could solve all the problems but I wanted to make a positive impact for business owners.  That same desire to help business owners is still what drives Read Mobile Marketing today.   We want to make a positive impact in your business.  

What We Do

At Read Mobile Marketing we believe that effective marketing campaigns begin with strategy.  We work with businesses of all sizes to create and execute a strategy to reach their customers or potential customers where they are, on their phones!  We harness the power of text messaging and social media to help businesses reach new customers and strengthen relationships with their existing customers.  We know that successful mobile campaigns happen when you pair the best mobile platform with the experience and expertise it takes to avoid mistakes.  Contact us today for a FREE consultation to discover how you can begin communicating the way your customers do.  


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